The Yonk

The Yonk

The Yonk has its little whims, just like everyone else. Of all of them, devouring a common plant scientifically named “Sapiensallaround” is its favourite. When eaten, this plant has an immediate effect on the Yonk. An unknown world is displayed before its eyes, where some odd beasts (“naked apes”, according to Dr. D. Morris) dressed up in suits, ties and newspapers, all squashed up in the Subway, in a Monday’s small hours, can be glimpsed.
Such vision fills the Yonk with depression.
Once the effects of the “Sapiensallaround” are gone, the Yonk has the feeling that the world, his world, is a better place to live in.


Mónica Armiño said...

Qué tal, Matias? Feliz año!. La verdad es que no había visto prácticamente nada de tu trabajo y me ha encantado, sobretodo estos dibujos a lápiz. Aquí me tienes, esperando ver más!!

Un saludo y nos vemos a la vuelta :)

PoorSailor said...

Que bonito, parece un poco triste pero me encanta su aire de resignación,