The Bu-uhh


The Bu-uhh

A pariah par excellence, the Bu-uhh is a familiar outcast. Excluded from its forever unstable and ineffable families, this rare specimen grows darker in time. It is yet to be determined if this is due to a defensive camouflage or just ineffable stupidity.
In addition, the Bu-uhh is known to dream with female Bu-uhh’s corpses, beetle juice, and, occasionally, with what Dr. D. Morris would call “naked apes armed with two sharp canines, chronic skin cancer, and a filthy temper”, which they exorcise through ineffable charcoal doodles on the ineffable cave walls where they live in.


rub! said...

que suavidad y claridad en el dibujo, un crack

enhorabuena y gracias por pasarte por mi blog


el gran pablinew said...

Matias, muy buenas creaciones. Envidio (sanamente) tu manera de manejar el lapiz. Me saco el sombrero.


Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Hi Matias!! Great Blog. Excellent drawing skills and creations!! Congratulations!!!

3ster said...

Qué chulo, Matías! Me encanta ese aspecto desgarbado....parece que le estuviera viendo andar ahora mismo.

Un abrazo!